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  • Is Xbox’s future in digital or is it still a physical contender?

    In a few months, both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing new consoles. However, polls show that gamers are far more eager for the PlayStation 5 than the Xbox Series

  • Tips and tricks to help you level up on Steam

    For people who are new to gaming platform Steam, “leveling up” probably seems complicated. Here are some tips and tricks to get you going.

    Firstly, it is important to remember that leveling up on Steam is purely cosmetic.

    And secondly,

  • Durban student starts coveted IT career with Microsoft

    Gomolemo Mohapi is still a student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), but he has been hired at Microsoft.

    The 22-year-old fourth-year student started work remotely last week

    A DUT release outlines how in 2016 Mohapi was in his