Rock prodigy finds Nirvana with ‘Rock and Grohl’ for Foo Fighters frontman

And she is rocking it alongside legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter Dave Grohl with whom the young fan has entered into an ongoing drumming challenge.

In reply to Grohl’s Superhero Theme song for Bushell, the little star has written Rock and Grohl, The Epic Battle as a “thank you”.

The new song is about the music prodigy’s feelings towards rock ‘n’ roll and how thankful she is for her special song by the former Nirvana guitarist who also founded the American rock band Foo Fighters in 1994.

She tweeted her appreciation for the “truly EPIC” song last week and Grohl has already replied to her Rock and Grohl song on the Foo Fighters’ Twitter account, stating “I’m down, BUT I”M NOT OUT”.

Bushell also labelled her first time in the recording studio, working with producers Josh Wilkinson and Joe Rubel, as “incredible” on her Twitter account which boasts more than 175 000 followers.

Nandi Bushell and Dave Grohl: How the epic battle started

Bushell put out a drum-off challenge request for Grohl — along with a video of her drumming to the Foo Fighters song Everlong — on 17 August.

Grohl accepted the little star’s challenge and noted that she inspired him.

How the challenge went down

Bushell led with her set and won Grohl over. He declared her the winner of the first “round” while subtly dropping the hint of him having something special up his sleeve for the little lady.

A few days later, the rock legend announced round two. He wrote and performed a “superhero theme song” for her with “The Grohlettes” providing back-up vocals.

Who is Nandi Bushell?

Young Nandi Bushell father is British, but her mother is originally from KwaZulu-Natal. She grabbed the world’s attention with her drumming covers of rock and metal songs…and then there is of course, her drumming it up with Dave Grohl.

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