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Work in Canada and Earn Up to $30,000 Per Year [No Work Experience]

Work in Canada and Earn Up to $30,000 Per Year  [No Work Experience]

Work in Canada and Earn Up to $30,000 Per Year

That your dream of relocating to Canada is about to happen within the next 6 – 9 months

YOU And Your Family Can Be Living In Canada As Permanent Residents By This Time Next Year…

CANADA has recently created two new Home Caregiver Job Opportunities, one of which is specifically for Home Support Workers. Home Care Provider / Home Support Worker route is the easiest pathway to Canada Permanent Residency to securing a better Job and brighter future for you and your family.

After two (2) years of working as a Caregiver (Home Support Worker) you can apply for your Permanent Residency and you can then switch to your dream job or remain in the same Healthcare Industry if you so desire.


As a home care support worker, you can earn up to $30,000 per year and you will be granted permanent residence in Canada. See proof below:




Below is an Image from the Canada Immigration website about this program I know you might not be able to read the words in the image so I typed it out for you see the words below:


———— About the process: If you don’t have any qualifying work experience, you can apply for permanent residence through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or the Home Support Worker Pilot as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. ——————


So you can see for yourself: you don’t need any experience any where as home care or support worker. what they need from you is to pass the eligibility requirement. so what are the Eligibility requirements?

7 Second Interview Questions and Answers That Work

Eligibility Criteria:

General Requirements for Home Support Workers

1. Valid Job Offer
2. Admissible to Canada
3. Medical Exam
4. Police Certificate
5. Language Proficiency in English or French (at least benchmark level 5)
6. Educational Credential Assessment
7. One Year Post Secondary School Education
8. College or other course Certification in Home Support
9. First Aid Certification



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