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PwC: CA Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2020 – Job Ref: 34

Our bursary programme is available to university students who are studying towards becoming a chartered accountant at a SAICA accredited university (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants). Bursaries are awarded to high-performing, talented individuals. The programme also seeks to support

Make A Difference Scholarship Application 2019 – Job Ref: 38

MAD Leadership Foundation aims to develop carefully selected scholars.
MAD Scholarship Application Is Now Open!
This unique opportunity is now open for applications for studies in the 2020 academic year to all who meet the minimum criteria.
Applicants should carefully

VLADOC PhD Scholarships – Job Ref: 39

Scholarships are awarded to students and professionals from a number of countries to study in Flanders as well as travel grants to Flemish/European students
to do fieldwork/internships in one of the 31 scholarship countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Khalifa University Of Science And Technology Scholarship 2019 – Job Ref: 76

Khalifa University of Science and Technology offers its graduate students comprehensive scholarships that cover all necessary educational expenses and may also offer recipients the potential to earn an attractive monthly stipend. The scholarships available are as follows:

Khalifa University (KU)

UNESCO: Japan Young Researchers’ Fellowship Programme – Job Ref: 52

The Government of Japan offers 10 fellowships, to be awarded to deserving candidates from developing countries, special attention will be given to those who may wish pursue their research studies in Japan, to women, candidates from LDCs, Africa and SIDS …