Systems Analyst : Marketing


You will need to assist the Marketing Department with client engagement and process mapping through journey design and visualisation. Support the IMS (Interaction Management System) Project from an interpretation, documentation and implementation perspective by combining business needs from various stakeholders into a single business requirement. Compile and implement test plans within the IMS ecosystem and ensure on-time delivery according to business requirements and SLA. Implement ongoing monitoring systems, automated real-time reporting and optimisation plans for IMS programs, channels and processes.

We’re looking for an analytical and creative thinker, with strong implementation skills to achieve results and solve complex problems in an innovative way. If your ideal job involves process mapping, journey design, scoping and implementing multifaceted projects with various stakeholders across the business on a strategic and tactical level, as well as communicating your work with leaders across the organization, and having the ability to see your work turned into action, this position may be for you. This is a position that requires a combination of detailed analytical thinking and creativity, communication and collaboration skills. The individual in this role will need to understand the IMS ecosystem, which is the relationship between various systems, platforms and data points within the bank, in order to proactively support IMS initiatives and deliver projects across the Client Engagement Value Stream.

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