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The Institute for Security Studies Available Vacancy – Job Ref: 67

The Institute for Security Studies is a leading African organisation that enhances human security to enable sustainable development and economic prosperity in Africa. It works across the continent, doing authoritative

Cape Mental Health Job Vacancy – Apply Now! – Job Ref: 57

Cape Mental Health is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 003-264) and public benefit organisation (PBO Ref. 18/11/13/4456) that provides or facilitates comprehensive, pro-active and enabling mental health services in the Western Cape.

We are committed to challenging socially restrictive and

Khulisa Social Solutions Job Opportunity – Apply Now! – Job Ref: 26

Khulisa Social Solutions is s a nonprofit organisation addressing the challenges faced by communities in a holistic and comprehensive manner. It aims to identify the systemic challenges in the society and to overcome fragmentation of policy, systems and delivery through innovative new

The Black Sash Job Opportunity – Apply Now! – Job Ref: 58

The Black Sash mission is working towards the realisation of socio-economic rights, as outlined in the SA Constitution 1996, with the emphasis on social security and social protection for the most vulnerable particularly women and children. We will, in the

The Learning Trust (TLT) Job Vacancy – Apply Here! – Job Ref: 63

The Learning Trust (TLT) is a thriving South African non-profit foundation. TLT believes (and global learnings corroborate) that developing the often neglected After School sector has the potential to substantially improve the life outcomes of children and youth growing up

Planact Current Job Opportunity – Apply Here! – Job Ref: 24

Planact is based in Johannesburg. It is a public benefit organisation involved in social justice issues. It provides support to previously marginalised and vulnerable citizens in amplifying their voice to address the long outstanding developmental needs they have faced and

Africa Check Latest Job Opportunity – Apply Now! – Job Ref: 96

Africa Check is a non-profit organisation set up in 2012 to promote accuracy in public debate and the media in Africa. The goal of Africa Check’s work is to raise the quality of information available to society across the continent.